10 Most Common Electric Fence Problems, Part 2

Listings Of industrial contractors - Forum Topics - #4 Bad Connections: How many times have you walked your fence line and not been able to find the source of power leakage? Sometimes it is not always obvious, and you must look very closely at your wire connections. Be sure to focus on wire connections when building or fixing your electric fence, proper connections are essential to the flow of electricity. This connection will need fixed or replaced. . If the voltage decreases on one side of the connection, you have found the problem. The best way to find a faulty connection is to use a voltmeter and test each side of the connection. Connections can fail for a number of reasons; crimp sleeves crimped improperly or loosely, a hand knot that is making poor connection, rusty wires, or corrosion ..More

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Top 3 Durable Wood Fence Materials for the SoCal Climate

Local contractors - Blogs - Helpful Links - In addition, the product has a functional lifespan of roughly 20 years. Rightwood is the trademarked name for a fencing material made by Alta Forest Products. This is at least five years longer than any type of untreated wood fencing, and eight to 10 years longer in most cases. The original latex coating on Rightwood will last for approximately three to five years without reapplication. The company?s proprietary staining also makes Rightwood resistant to the damaging effects of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight and provides the dimensional stability needed to reduce harmful water absorption and evaporation. . The staining process significantly enhances the durability of the underlying wood by making it decay-resistant, mold-resistant and fungus-resistant. This material, made from high-quality whitewood, receives a coating of pigmented latex stain during its creation. In addition, the manufacturer can use different shades of the stain to closely mimic the look of specific species of trees, including redwood and western red cedar ..More

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4 Advantages of Barbed Wire and Razor Ribbon Fences

Popular master contractors - Talk To An Expert - Blog - There are additional benefits to barbed wire and razor ribbon fencing, such as the fact that it is easily customizable. . In many cases you can choose the length of the barbs or razor pieces and the intervals at which they?re placed on the wire ..More

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Volts vs Joules

10 Best reputed licensed contractors - Best DIY Blogs - Kencove hopes that through your comments and input the readers of this Blog will be able to have greater insight into the proper energizer for their fence. Remember, that the energizer is the heart of your fence system. . It should be accurately sized according to what type of animals are being contained or excluded, the length of the fence line, and how long it could potential be in the future, as well as possible resistance on the fence. This is a basic description of the relationship between volts and joules, and the effectiveness of your electric fence ..More

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10 Most Common Electric Fence Problems, Part 3

Best Local technicians - Talk To Technicians - Blog - Be sure to purchase insulators that are UV-stabilized, since sunlight deteriorates inferior plastics. Once the plastic is deteriorated it cracks. When your fence voltage drops be sure to search for broken wires, and examine bracing units for neutral wire interference. A broken wire or interference of neutral wires will cause significant energy leakage. Often folks experience hidden leakage because their underground cable is cracked or deteriorated. Poor insulators often result in energy leaks. After storms, fence line should be checked for debris. Sometimes the diagonal brace wire is installed too close to the hot wires. The wires do not necessarily have to touch; energy can jump a very narrow gap. Then energy leaks through and makes direct contact with the posts resulting in a voltage drop on your fence line. This is also something to be thinking about when erecting corner brace units. #5 Energy Leaks: An energy leak is a small energy loss from the fence line to earth and can occur for a number of reasons. Fallen trees and branches will cause energy leakage, and weigh on the fence line. . Common reasons are heavy vegetation, debris, poor insulators, broken wire, or interference of neutral wires. Energy leakage can be kept at a minimum by clearing vegetation, buying quality products, and careful fence installation. Installing a tube insulator on the hot wire near the diagonal cross section with the brace wire will save headaches in the future. It is also important to buy quality underground cable. Kencove offers a UV-stabilized, double-wall insulated underground cable for superior protection. You should constantly be on the lookout for vegetation that is growing up near electric fence wires, especially during the wet season ..More

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