5 Top Types of Termite-Resistant Wood

21 Best emergency contractors - Repairman Forum Pages - This natural, aesthetically pleasing material can truly enhance the beauty of your property. These small insects dedicate their lives to consuming wood. . They may seem small and insignificant, but termites live in great colonies, and their sheer numbers can easily make light work of destroying a fence. An outdoor wooden fence, gate or deck is a beautiful way to add functionality to your property, increasing your access to outdoor space, improving privacy and controlling access to your property. . However, there is often one drawback: termites ..More

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DIY Sagging Fence Gate Repair Guide

Find best 10 master contractors - Service Tech Blog Forums - After a quick diagnosis which even a beginner can achieve, you can get started. . The good news? A sagging fence gate isn?t too complicated to repair. Here?s your complete guide to DIY sagging fence gate repair: ..More

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DIY Guide for Chain Link Fence Top Rail Repair

Search and locate residential contractors - Residential Forum Faqs - Rails typically come in one of two diameters: 5/8 inch or 1 3/8 inch. The easiest way to do this is to measure the distance between two vertical fence posts, then multiply this number until you?ve covered the full span of the damaged material. . Before proceeding with your repair plans, you?ll need to determine the size of the top rail on your damaged chain link fence. Once you have this information, you?ll also need to determine the length of the rail you want to replace ..More

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Aluminum Yard Fences Add Beauty, Value and Security to Your Home

Directory listing of master contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Blogs - As you walk around the exterior of your home in the McLean, VA area, admiring your shrubs and flower beds, enjoying the sight lines from various positions on your property, you constantly think about ways to make it look more attractive ? a new shrub here, stepping stones there. Sometimes, you even think about what you can do to make your home more attractive to future buyers. . You also think about your family or pets inside and ways to make them more secure ..More

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10 Most Common Electric Fence Problems, Part 3

Search and locate technicians - Ask And Expert - DIY Help Center - The only way to solve this problem is to ground the non-electrified wires or gates. #6 Induction: Induction is very common with electric fences. The transfer of electricity from an electrified wire to a non-electrified wire, gate, or any metal object without physically touching each other is known as induction. If your fence runs parallel to a large high voltage power line, it could be electrified by induction. So be cautious of this when building near high voltage lines. In this scenario induction would be the transfer of energy from the ground rods to the water piping. Induction can also occur in ground beds as well. . Have you ever touched the gate to open it and surprisingly got shocked? This is a result of induction. Do not put your ground bed for your energizer near existing water lines, because your water could end up carrying an electric charge. Induction can also occur from large power lines. Induction has minimal effect on the voltage of the fence line and is more common in damp conditions. Although this phenomenon does not cause a reduction in voltage, it does explain shocking situations ..More

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