3 Tips for Removing an Old Fence

10 Best reputed industrial contractors - Technician Forum Pages - If it?s in poor shape, it might be more effective to replace it rather than attempt repairing it. Finally, sometimes homeowners? associations change their standards for exterior items and your fence may no longer meet code. There are many reasons you might want to remove an old fence on your property. Also common is just wanting a different look, especially if you?ve revamped the overall design of your home. But no matter your reason for removing the fence you have, our tips are sure to help you. Another possibility is that you need a fence that offers a different function; perhaps you have a lovely picket fence but what you need is something that offers privacy. . ..More

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21 Best emergency contractors - Forum Pages - . Thanks for giving us the best looking fence around!?. Referring to Horserail Fencing, Michael D of Columbia, SC writes: ?Both the wife and I are extremely pleased with the service we received from Kencove and are 100 percent satisified with the way the fence turned out ..More

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What is a Sacrifice Paddock?

Find industrial contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair DIY Help Center - Feeding and sheltering livestock in a sacrifice lot during drought periods and winter will also supply fertilizer, because a larger percentage of manure will accumulate in one area. . When constructing your paddock, all of these uses should be taken into consideration. This area is often used for daily exercising of horses or calving season on a beef farm. The manure can be gathered by occasionally scraping the ground and storing, to spread when fields are dry. Livestock can be kept in a sacrifice paddock when new seeding is being established, the pasture has just been fertilized, during hay making, or even when pastures need a regrowth period ..More

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5 Misleading Myths about Vinyl Fencing

Find best 10 emergency contractors - Repairman Blog Pages - The best quality fencing can hold up to strong winds, such as the type we experience often here in the Los Angeles area, as well as heavy snow, which we are lucky to not have to deal with! And unlike metal or wood fencing, vinyl fences do not rust or rot. . . This is certainly not the case with premium vinyl fencing. Overall, vinyl fencing makes for an extremely durable and strong barrier that you need not worry about collapsing or crumbling. Some folks tend to think that vinyl fencing is flimsy and not strong enough to stand for any extended period of time ..More

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10 Most Common Electric Fence Problems, Part 2

Directory listing of commercial contractors - Pro Blog Service Pages - While there is no way to completely avoid a lightning strike, we can be prepared. However, lightning diverters are not 100% of the fix. As long as the energizer was purchased from Kencove and is under warranty, Kencove is obligated to fix the fence charger or send you a brand new unit. Kencove offers a low-impedance energizer line with a 3 year warranty that includes lightning damage. You cannot guarantee absolute lightning protection, but you can install safeguards such as surge protectors and lightning diverters to help avoid an expensive repair. Lightning diverters simply divert the lightning to ground before it reaches the energizer. The lightning diverter must have a separate ground bed 50? from the energizer?s ground bed, with a minimum of one extra ground rod. Lightning (electricity) is always looking for a ground. #3 Lightning damage to a fence charger (Energizer): There is nothing more bothersome, than testing your fence the morning after a lightning storm and not getting a reading. Installing a lightning diverter on your fence is not easy, but will relieve stress during those brutal storms. If your energizer gets struck you can merely box up the pieces and send it to Kencove?s energizer repair station. There are a lot of fence chargers on the market that offer a warranty that includes lightning damaged. Kencove offers reconditioned energizers that would serve as excellent backup units in case of lightning damage. It is helpful to have a backup fence charger to use while the damaged unit is getting repaired. Trying to outsmart Mother Nature can be almost impossible, but there are a few tricks. Dean (Kencove?s Energizer Doctor) repairs all makes and models of fence chargers purchased from all farm stores. ..More

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