Different Fencing Materials For Different Folks

Best Local residential contractors - Do's N Don't's - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - In order to avoid rot, make sure you keep your wooden fence clean, and rake away leaves and debris from the base of the posts. A wood fence is usually installed as a privacy fence, which will help to shelter plant life from inclement weather, as well as keep your pets or children safely inside your yard?s perimeter. Wood fences require special care, due to the possibility of wet or dry rot in the wooden fence posts. ..More

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Top 3 Durable Wood Fence Materials for the SoCal Climate

Find contractors - Ask And Expert - Faqs - Message Board - With this in mind, let?s take a look at the three most durable forms of wood you can use for your upcoming fencing project. Throughout the year, conditions in the region can lead to substantial wear and tear in outdoor fencing, especially fencing made of wood. Despite this fact, for a number of aesthetic and practical reasons, wood remains a popular fence material choice for both homeowners and businesses. . If you spend your hard-earned money installing a wood fence, you?ll naturally want to choose materials that will hold up well in the SoCal climate and continue to serve their intended purpose for extended periods of time. Southern California is known for its generally mild climate at lower elevations, as well as mountains and arid areas that can produce some significant weather extremes ..More

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10 Most Common Electric Fence Problems, Part 3

Directory Listing Of commercial contractors - Service Technician Forums - Do not put your ground bed for your energizer near existing water lines, because your water could end up carrying an electric charge. Induction has minimal effect on the voltage of the fence line and is more common in damp conditions. In this scenario induction would be the transfer of energy from the ground rods to the water piping. Have you ever touched the gate to open it and surprisingly got shocked? This is a result of induction. The transfer of electricity from an electrified wire to a non-electrified wire, gate, or any metal object without physically touching each other is known as induction. If your fence runs parallel to a large high voltage power line, it could be electrified by induction. . Induction can also occur in ground beds as well. Induction can also occur from large power lines. Although this phenomenon does not cause a reduction in voltage, it does explain shocking situations. The only way to solve this problem is to ground the non-electrified wires or gates. #6 Induction: Induction is very common with electric fences. So be cautious of this when building near high voltage lines ..More

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Winter Grounding

Find certified contractors - Service Contractor Forum Pages - Winter makes everything on a farm harder, even keeping the stock within the fence line. Last winter was frigid, and we were asked several times, ?Why does my livestock keep getting out when my charger is working perfectly?? Frozen ground conditions wreak havoc on proper grounding of any electric fence. . Old Man Winter shows no mercy on a farmhand and their stock ..More

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Professional Fence Installation Makes Good Neighbors

Popular master contractors - Top 10 Forums - But, it?s always a good idea to be considerate of others. Putting up a fence can obstruct your neighbor?s view and just flat out irritate them if you build it before talking to them. It's easy to think, ?Well, it?s my property, and I can do anything I want to do. ? To a certain extent, that may be true. . Chances are, you will be well within your legal bounds to actually do whatever you want to do on your property. But you don't want to start a neighborhood dispute with this sort of self-centered attitude. First and foremost, before you do anything at all, contact all of the potentially affected neighbors and get a feel for their acceptance level of such a project ..More

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